Screen Print Experience

Raul and Kevin first met in the late 90’s participating in the DIY(Do it Yourself) punk scene in Southern California.  Quickly becoming good friends they strarted playing music together and touring the country together.  This led to the pair screen printing tshirts, record covers, and tour posters together, as a necesity to fuel these tours.  During this time period friends starterd to ask Raul and Kevin to print their bands shirts and more.  This was the catalyst that jump started Calimucho Screen Printing in a 3 story Victorian house in San Pedro, California in 2007.  They printed shirts for local bands, the skateboard community, local schools as well as printing at live skateboard and music related events, Calimucho became a destination of creation and fun.  Kevin decided to shake things up and moved to Portland, OR in 2013 and now two Calimucho’s were off and running.  Shortly after relocating to Portland Kevin began working for Ryonet and became the lead instructor for the Screen Print Experience classes, a perfect marriage of his screen printing past combined with teaching middle school for 10 years..  Fast forward to 2017 Kevin moved back to San Pedro to rejoin with Raul and this is where Calimucho stands now, a new physical commercial location, equipment upgrades and new partners to teach Ryonet’s Screen Print Experience class in San Pedro, Ca.  The future looks bright as their goal is to become automatic in the next year.